by Caroline Kepnes


Joe has taken a liking to Beck. He has fallen for her and gotten to know her inside and out. The only problem is, she doesn’t know about it yet. Joe is a stalker.


You Book Review Caroline Kepnes

4/5 Cups-a Joey!


Joe manages a bookstore and Beck casually comes in as a customer one afternoon. He quickly becomes obsessed with her and goes as far as breaking into her apartment to rummage through her world, and stealing her phone to keep track of her whereabouts. He reads her emails to see what she’s been talking to her friends about, and

he collects trinkets and souvenirs from her place and puts them in a “Beck box” that he keeps hidden at his place.

That day in the bookstore she takes a liking to him as well, but she is currently in a “situationship” with someone else named Benji. Joe knows all of this because he already has access to everything. He willingly takes matters into his own hands and slowly starts interfering with anyone or anything standing in the way of getting what he wants— he wants Beck. After he gets rid of Benji he is able to start making his moves on Beck. He manipulates his way into her life using all of her own devices against her. It’s not difficult because Beck is needy of the attention of a man, and Joe is attractive, strong, and VERY attentive.


Joe and Becks’ romance flourishes but when it becomes "too much too soon" for Beck she brings things to a halt. Joe is pained by this abrupt change of pace. It confuses him, depresses him, infuriates him. He has already proven he’ll do anything to get Beck and now has to prove that he’ll do anything to keep her.

You know what I found so intriguing about this read? Joe. I liked Joe.

Yes I said it— I liked the stalker guy. He made it hard for me to not like him. He was intelligent, brutally honest, witty, and needing to be heard.

That’s what this story was for me. It was his way of being heard and making sure his presence was felt at all costs. I also loved how the most sinister and evil acts were written so frivolously that if you weren’t paying attention you might miss them. It’s flippant language also showed that Joe is really "off the rails" for being so nonchalant about the crimes he’s committing. His character reminded me a little bit of Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" minus the mental breakdown in the end of the movie. Yes he’s a stalker, among other detestable things, but he’s somehow endearing in a twisted way because you’re put inside of his most intimate thoughts throughout the book.

It’s twisted yes, and makes you wonder for a moment if anyone you’ve fallen for maybe fell for you first, or plotted to be with you.


I guess most people do when they get interested in someone. But there is a difference between getting to know someone and courting them, and secretly getting to know someone and manipulating them into your arms. Its a scary situation, yes. But it’s not a scary read, and it’s not something you can’t read at night, alone, in bed. I enjoyed the dry humor, and the honest and modern language it was written in. 


This one called for A cup-a-Joey (with wine in it). I give it 4 out of 5 cups. Enjoy!! Get your copy here. 

*Warning: The language in this book is crass to say the least.*

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