An Unwanted Guest

Have you ever played the board game “Clue”? Well I’m convinced that was the inspiration behind Shari LaPena “An Unwanted Guest”.

Set in the outskirts of New York,

10 unrelated guests venture out to a quaint, old fashioned hotel in need of various versions of r & r…

There is a couple there to rekindle some romance into their marriage, two best friends in need of a getaway for some peace of mind, a writer looking to escape to get some work done, etc.

The hotel is run by a father son duo, James and Bradley, who take a lot of pride in the family business. When a severe storm hits the guests are forced to stay inside due to heavy snow and ice. With limited resources and only a library and alcohol at their disposal the guests don’t have much to do but hang in the common areas getting to one each other.

In the middle of the night during the storm the power goes out and that’s when the real chaos begins. The guests wake up the next morning to a grueling discovery.

One of the guests, a woman named Dana, lying at the bottom of the grand staircase.....dead.

The guests are beside themselves at the discovery. With no power they are unable to reach the police. The obvious scenario is that she slipped and fell down the stairs, but one of the guests, an attorney, advises everyone to leave the body where it lays. After taking a closer look, he suspects foul play.

Now the guests must figure out how to go about their day. What was suppose to be a retreat has quickly turned into a nightmare with seemingly no way out.

What if the killer is among them?

While James and Bradly try to accommodate everyone as best as possible under these harsh circumstances, their efforts are side swiped by a series of unfathomable events. Now it may not end up being Colonel mustard in the kitchen with a knife, but someone is responsible for the crimes committed.

I can’t give much more without a spoiler alert. The ending is not as shocking as I was hoping for but it was slightly vindicating. Shari Lapena is the author of New York Times Best Seller "The Couple Next Door" and "A Stranger in the House".

Both excellent reads and previously reviewed on the website as well. I read "An Unwanted Guest" in two days, part and parcel because it was a shorter novel and easy read. But also because once I was enthralled in the murder/mystery, I simply just had to find out who did it.

I give this read 3/5 cups.
I was hoping for a stronger ending, but I was satisfied in the end. If you read it, let me know what you thought in the comment section below! Grab a cup-a-Joey and enjoy!


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