Truly Madly Guilty

By Liane Moriarty


It was just an ordinary day, when ordinary neighbors got together for an ordinary backyard barbecue.


Truly Mad Guilty Book Review


Vin and Tiffany are the flamboyant, outgoing, and personable parents of a daughter Dakota. Erika and Oliver are married with no children. Clementine is a cellist who is married to Sam with their two daughters Ruby and Holly. Clementine and Erika have been friends since childhood. Although they portray steadfast besties, you can sense some resentment between the two of them.


They all seem to have it together but when something happens at this barbecue, their consciences are questioned. For me, this book was less about what actually happened, and more about how everyone dealt with it. Bonds were broken, friendships and marriages were tested, and guilt introduced itself in many different forms.


My husband always talks about character being defined as “who you are when the chips are down”. How you react to adversity, how you handle stress and who you are on the days where Murphy’s law is the headline.


This novel uncovers just that. Who the characters are after the masks are pulled back and there is nothing to hide behind. It’ll leave you hoping that your relationships are as strong as you think they are.


Another wonderful read by Lianne Moriarty who wrote “The Husbands Secret” which I highly recommended. This read was gripping but the climax came later. You realize why in the end and it’s fully worth it, but getting through the first half of the novel and wondering just what happened was a bit off putting for me. I almost wish someone had told me, “the jaw dropper is closer to the end.” So that I could expect it later instead of anticipating so heavily.


I give this book 3/5 cups, because I didn’t enjoy the tease, but I did enjoy the message. Grab a cup a joey and see for yourself!

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