The Woman in the Window

by A.J Finn

Anna Fox is a psychologist. She works mostly with children, helping them cope with everything from divorced parents to anger issues and so on. But Anna hasn’t been able to practice as of lately because Anna is agoraphobic. Agoraphobia is defined as an extreme irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places.

Anna hasn’t left the house in what feels like an eternity. She spends her days aimlessly in her apartment, filling her day with computer chess games, prescription pills, classic movies and wine-lots and lots of wine. She rarely gets visitors and if she does, they are usually her physical therapist, her psychiatrist or her tenant David who occupies her basement.

She also has made a hobby of spying on her neighbors. She tracks their daily activities closely with her camera and logs it into her computer.

She lives vicariously through the families she lurks at through the lens of her camera. She’s gotten to know them, or she thinks she has.

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The Woman In the Window book review

She takes a particular interest in the Russel family across the street. A trio- mother, father, and son Ethan. Ethan has come by her house a time or two to chat. There is something about him that she is drawn to. Such a nice boy- she thinks to herself at each encounter.

She is doing her daily nosy neighbor routine with her camera directed at the Russel house when she sees something that startles her.

A crime committed. She calls the police but when they come to the apartment to question her, her state and the state of her dwelling is — compromised. Bottles of wine strewn about, orange prescription pill containers all over her table, a less than tidy apartment and an almost pathetic physical appearance.  It would be hard to make a case, a believable one, when her credibility is already being judged at first glance.

I can’t give anymore without compromising but this novel was a good one. There were a few moments throughout that left my mouth wide open. I have to admit I started this book and then about a quarter way through I set it down. It wasn’t unfolding fast enough for me, but once it did, it was well worth it.

I give it 3/5 cups. Grab a cup a Joey and enjoy! You can grab a copy here.

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