The Woman in Cabin 10

by Ruth Ware 

Has someone ever made you feel like you were losing your mind? Like you didn’t see something that you know you saw, or you didn’t hear something that you know you heard? Well then you’ll be able to relate to Lo Blacklock.


The Woman in Cabin 10 Book review

3/5 cups from Joey

 Lo is a Tavel journalist. She gets an amazing opportunity to sail the seas on a luxury yacht named Aurora, and document the experience for work. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time considering she has hit a plateau in her relationship and was just recently attacked in her apartment by and intruder.

The yacht is quite small and only fits 10 cabins comfortably. They set sail in the North Sea and is greeted by a flurry of interesting people on board. Each character being dissected as if it were a game of "Clue".

One night she is getting ready for one of the fancy soirées they have planned on board and she realizes she has forgotten to pack her mascara. She goes to the cabin next door, cabin 10, and asks the woman if she can borrow some. The woman hastily obliges and gives her the mascara. After the party that night, she is settled in her room fighting insomnia and she hears some commotion in the cabin next door.

She creeps to the balcony where she is sure that she witnessed a woman being thrown into the water. 

There is a problem though, every person on board is accounted for including the crew. Despite what Lo saw, she is faced with the task of proving to herself and everyone else on board that a terrible crime has been committed.

I enjoyed this read, this is a classic guessing game until the very end.

If you’ve read this novel please leave your Feedback in the comments section. If not then grab your copy and a cup-a-Joey and enjoy!

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