The Silent Wife

By Kerry Fisher 

Every family has their secrets. Secrets that could tarnish the family name if they became public knowledge, secrets that could change the dynamic of a family from the inside out. The Farinelli family is no different.

Two brothers Massimo and Nico Farinelli have a pretty typical brotherly love although they are very different. Massimo is competitive and Nico is more passive. Massimo is loud and opinionated, and Nico more reserved. Massimo is boastful and Nico modest. This dynamic between brothers creates a relationship where Massimo tends to get what he wants when he wants it because no one really has the energy or stamina to contest.

The brothers are twice married. Nico’s first wife Caitlin got very ill and passed away three years prior. They had a daughter together named Francesca, a feisty preteen trying to deal with her mothers passing and her fathers remarrying. Nico is now married to a woman named Maggie. Maggie has a son from a previous relationship named Sam. Maggie is a lively, vocal, what you see is what you get type of woman, who challenges the unwritten rules of the Farinelli family just by being herself. Quite the opposite of the deceased Caitlin, according to Anna, (Nico and Massimo’s mother) and matriarch of the prideful Farinelli family.

the silent wife book review

Massimo is married to Lara, a quiet, seemingly obedient and subservient woman. They have a son together named Sandro who is artistic, tender-hearted, and delicate. Massimo wants the opposite for a son, therefor resents Sandro for his character. Massimo wants a strong lineage for the family name, a champion swimmer, a competitive son, a mini me. Sandro and Lara are constantly at the effects of Massimo’s controlling nature. Massimo was married to a woman named Dawn before Lara who he claims didn’t want children and that was the reason for their separation years ago.

The reason I am going into detail of the characters rather than the way the novel unfolds is because the dynamics of this newly blended family is the reason the story plays out the way it does.

Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to see things that others don’t....or won’t.

Maggie, being the newest member of the Farinelli family, does just that. Almost unbeknownst to her she uncovers layers of secrets that Massimo has tried very hard to keep a lid on…secrets that tear through his brotherhood to Nico and his marriage to Lara, all in one fell swoop.

I come from a blended family so I identify with the dynamics of step siblings, step parents, and the likes. I think a lot of us can.

This novel explores what really happens when you add new ingredients to a family recipe.

It is told through the eyes of both wives, Lara, and Maggie. Having it told this way gives you insight to what people see from the outside looking in, and what lies beyond closed doors.

I enjoyed this novel and more than anything I enjoyed the evolution of her characters. There is a lot of growth within these chapters which is something we should all strive for.

I give this book 4/5 cups. It’s definitely a good vacation or travel read. You can grab a copy here.

Grab a cup-a-Joey and enjoy!

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