The Perfect Nanny

By Leila Slimani

I was at the airport with my daughter strapped to my chest, bags heavy in hand, and in a rush to grab a coffee and a book before a 4-hour flight. I didn't put much thought into what book I wanted. I just looked for something that would catch my eye. This novel, "The Perfect Nanny" grabbed my attention. The cover photo looked sinister and the book wasn't insanely long. I figured I could read it all in one sitting. As long as my daughter decided to nap for some of the flight.

2/5 Cups from Joey


The very first page ROCKED me with it's detailed description of a horrible crime committed. A crime that's every parents' worst nightmare. Their children, killed, by their nanny.

I closed the book and thought to myself.... "You're a mother of a 1 year old, you occasionally need childcare. What on earth drew you to this novel?"

I had to find out what this story was about, but not without a pep talk first. Often times when we read novels we compare to our own life and experiences. Similar to movies and song lyrics. I told myself that I had to read it objectively. Challenging to say the least, but I like to finish what I start.


The novel is less about being wary of every potential nanny out there. It's not about how you shouldn't trust anyone with your children. We are already fearful enough each day for our kids. Much to my relief, it was more focused on this one individual, Louise. On her backstory, on her relationships, and on her character. It was clearly written by a mother.


She is everything a parent would want from a nanny. She was clean, cleaner than them. She was organized, meticulous, punctual, detail oriented, and seemingly flawless. The children loved her, adored her. The parents loved her. They loved how easy she made their lives. Underneath this exterior of perfection was a mental state that made me cringe. There were only a few people that sensed something off about her ora. Small instances here and there that made certain people that Louise came across leery. The novel gives clear perspectives from all of these people which I liked.


If this book taught me anything, it merely verified my golden rule. TRUST YOUR GUT.

Energy is telling. It is something we cannot hide behind the picture of perfection.

Everyone puts out an energy and those that are in tune with their own can usually sense others energy keenly.


I don't know if I would recommend this as a MUST READ, especially if you're a new mother and constantly looking for child care. I would however suggest it as a lesson on instincts. Hug your kids a little tighter, then grab A Cup-A-Joey and enjoy!! Grab you copy here

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 The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani Book Review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later.
 The Perfect Nanny Book Review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later
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