The Couple Next Door

By Shai Lapena

Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it all together, but under the surface lie harsh realities. Anne is suffering from post-partum depression and Marco's business is in financial trouble. 

5/5 cups from Joey


One evening while at a dinner party next door, their 6 month old daughter, Cora, is kidnapped right from her crib. (Yes, they left their daughter alone, sleeping, in their home while they went to a dinner party next door. I couldn't fathom the rationale, as a mother.)

Alarm bells are sound, but something just isn't right about all of this. Only Anne, Marco, and the couple next door knew that the baby was in the house alone. The baysitter had cancelled at 6pm otherwise Anne would've had childcare for her daughter, but Marco convinced her that everything would be fine.

It couldn't have been a crime of opportunity.

What kidnapper is casually walking into the neighborhood to check a house that is seemingly vacant, for a child they don't even know is there?

This suggests that it was planned....poorly. The front door is left ajar, but in the backyard the lightbulb in their motion detector was unscrewed. There is little evidence found. Who could have taken her? And why? Anne, Marco, and his very wealthy in laws are sent on a journey to find Cora and along the way shocking discoveries are made.

Everyone has something to hide - and my are the secrets juicy!!

This book first introduced me to Detective Rasbach. He's intelligent with a quiet strength about him. His character is carried over to Shari Lapena's second novel, "A Stranger in the house". I was able to feel that novel a bit more because I was already connected to the detectives Rasbach and Jennings. The two make a solid team. I really enjoyed this read. Pretty sure I even did a victory dance when it was finished because the ending is that good. If you have read it I am sure you experienced the same wave of emotions I did.

If you have not then grab a Cup-A-Joey and enjoy!! Grab a copy here


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 The Couple Next Door BY Shari Lapena Book review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later.
 The couple next door book reviewClick to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later
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