Terrific Twos

We are on the cusp of a milestone. We are turning the corner onto the TERRIFIC TWOS. We call them the "terrific twos" because we’re trying to manifest a transition that isn’t already deemed "terrible". You know, speaking it into the universe and all that.

So with this new age and new development comes a whole new plethora of behavior for our little Miss Tyler Marie.

She’s found her voice and she’s not afraid to use it. And although her little voice is the cutest sound in the whole world, hearing her say the word "no" when I ask her to do something (or not to do something) just doesn’t have the same effect as "I love you Mommy."

She’s also doing this...."thing" where she bites when she gets really excited or riled up. Sometimes when we rough house on the bed, or have tickle time, we end up in a snuggly embrace of laughter and exhilaration. And out of nowhere her open mouthed laugh clamps down on my shoulder and CHOMP!! —-my kid just bit me. Did she just bite me? Really? Usually this is followed up by a "Come to Jesus" moment (a strongly toned chat) and if that doesn’t work then she receives time-out. I don’t enjoy disciplining her for doing something out of excitement, but I have to teach her that we have to let that excitement out in another way.

So being that we’re on the edge of sass mode, I thought it be wise to introduce some books on behavior ..

where we could address the issues toddlers often go through, without it being a scolding or disciplinary session every single time.

So I found a book called "Teeth are not for biting" by Elizabeth Verdick and Martine Agassi. We’ve read that book about a hundred times and what I loved most about it is that it tells your child what teeth ARE FOR and reminds them on every page that teeth are NOT FOR BITING. I naturally picked up the rest of this behavioral series and found them to be extremely helpful. "Hands are not for hitting" is another one high on my list. I think most children go through that phase where they swing a hand, and I know I’m not the only mother who’s experienced an unexpected slap in the face....literally. It’s another book we read to remind her what hands ARE for.....playing, hugging, waving hello, etc. We’ve read them so often that now if she throws a hand I can say "Tyler, hands are NOT for hitting, what are hands for?" And she will reply with the gestures displayed in the book.

teeth are not for biting book review

I also like that there is a lot of diversity in the illustrations done by Marieka Heinlen. There is a relatable child in every story for your little one to identify with. I strongly recommend this wonderful and interactive series by Elizabeth Verdick whether you are experiencing those phases with your little one or not. They’re necessary lessons for every child to learn, even the most well behaved.

We keep the following in rotation:

"Teeth are not for biting"

"Hands are not for hitting"

"Voices are not for yelling"

"Tails are not for pulling" (Big Boy thanked me for this one)

"Germs are not for sharing"

"Diapers are not forever" (currently on repeat since we’re potty training)

Grab a sippie cup-a-Joey and enjoy! And you can pick up your own right here !

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