Sharp Objects

 by Gillian Flynn

Camille Preaker is a reporter for the Daily Post in Chicago. She hails from a small town called Wind Gap, deep in Southern Missouri.

Her boss “Curry” treats her like a cub. He knows her personal back story and feels protective over her, so he’s not only a professional mentor, but a father figure.

After a gruesome murder of a young girl she is sent to Wind Gap to do some investigative reporting. Much to her dismay she heads south back to the debris of her painful upbringing. Back in the very house she grew up in she is enveloped in her past and the tumultuous relationship between her and her mother.

Soon after she arrives a second brutal murder of a young girl is committed and she realizes she will be forced to face her family and her demons while trying to do her job. 

Her investigating is not well received by anyone, but her mother especially despises the prying involved in Camille’s investigative reporting.

This story unfolds in such a disturbing way. Had it not been for the writers ultra descriptive and revealing style, you might not have understood the darkness behind it all. Gillian Flynn wrote this novel with such detail that even if you’ve never experienced anything relatable in your life, you will feel like you have. (continues below)

sharp object review

I couldn’t put this novel down and because of the graphic nature I found myself gasping until the very end. Surely you will too.

HBO just came out with the mini series starring Amy Adams who plays Camille Preaker.  I am currently indulging. It’s also very good, well casted, and very dark. I do suggest reading the novel first. There is so much more story to tell in the book and while the tv series translates well, it doesn’t narrate the thoughts going through the characters heads so they’re left to convey through body language and facial expression. Also the ending in the book is wildly more imaginative than type tv series projects. I can imagine it’s difficult to squeeze in such events into a 1 hour episode. 


I give this read 5/5 cups!  

I am eager to read Gillian Flynn’s next novel "Dark Places", but I need a reprieve first. I think something lighter before I dive back into the dark side. I would love to hear your feedback on this novel. Love it? Hate it? Let me know! You can grab a copy here

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