Need to Know

By Karen Cleveland

Ever been between a rock and a hard place?

Well, whatever that scenario was it’s probably small potatoes compared to what Vivian is going through. As an analyst for the CIA, she spends her days combing through classified documents and working tirelessly to break into files encrypted by the Russians. Then she goes home to care for her four children with her husband Matt.

During a routine day at CIA headquarters she enters through the hefty security and vaulted doors and makes her way to her desk. She logs into the computer and after countless passwords and access routes she makes her way into a program that allows her access to the computer of a high profile Russian handler named Yury.

She’s been investigating Yury for sometime now and feels like she’s on the cusp of a major discovery. As she is looking through a mirror of his laptop files she comes across a folder titled "friends". What she discovers in that folder sends shock waves through her body. There are five photos. Photos of people working under cover in the United States for Russia.

One of those photos, is of her husband, Matt.

She almost doesn’t believe it to be true. How can this be possible? She’s been married to Matt for ten years. They have four children together. He’s a loving husband and dedicated father and has never shown any signs of being dishonest. She detects dishonesty for a living, how could this have escaped her? And what does she do now?

She goes home and proceeds to attempt to act normal as they eat dinner as a family but she can’t contain her curiosity any longer, regardless of the legality involved in her disclosing this information to him. She needs to know what’s going on. He makes no hesitation in giving her the truth, but this only makes matters worse. Now she has to decide who she protects and how? Her family? Her country? She can’t do both.

The events that take place next will put you in the shoes of a conflicted woman. A woman who now has to question the very man she exchanged vows with, keep her children safe, and still uphold the oath she took to protect her country.

She has to figure things out because the alternative could land her in prison, or worse. (keep reading below)

need to know

The author, Karen Cleveland, actually worked for the CIA and prefaces in the beginning of the book that the story is "loosely based"on her experience in the agency, but not directly related. I think her having actually been an analyst helps bring the story to life in ways only someone "on the inside" could.

I’ve been waiting for a book I could devour…
the kind you lose an hour or two of sleep because you just HAVE TO FINISH. Well this was that book and I am so glad I found it while perusing the airport bookstore.

Oh, and READ THE EPILOGUE. I’m one of those readers that reads every page of the book from the dedication to the Q & A and this novel is worth just that.

You NEED TO KNOW the full story.

I give this novel 5/5 cups! Grab a cup-a-Joey and enjoy!! Grab a copy here

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