The Husband’s Secret

By Liane Moriarty


 If you have seen, and or, read “Big Little Lies”——which I highly recommend—— then you will enjoy this read by Liane Moriarty.


5/5 cups from Joey!!


The Husband’s Secret tells a story that unfolds into a lesson on life's little secrets that may or may not have big impacts on the way we live and the way we love. The story is told with perspective from three different women who are connected by six degrees.


Cecilia Fitzpatrick, a doting mother and devoted wife who finds a letter that her husband has written. Written on the envelope he asks her to leave it unopened until he dies.

Of course, like a lot of women I know, she opens the letter and immediately regrets that decision because it contains a secret that she was unprepared to hear. 

Now she is left to make difficult decision that will potentially  shape the lives of her husband, herself, and her children’s lives, forever.


Tess, also a Mother, who owns an advertising company along with her husband Will, and her cousin Felicity who has transformed from morbidly obese to svelte and willowy. Will and Felicity sit Tess down to break the news to her that they are in love. Although no physical adultery has been committed, they have fallen for one another. Now Tess is faced with the predicament to either save her marriage, or let Will and Felicity explore their feelings for each other.


Then there is Rachel Crowley, a grandmother, a widow, and a mother, who’s daughter Janie was murdered at 17. She works at a school with the man she suspects murdered her daughter all those years ago and is determined to bring him to justice.


I enjoyed the way it was written going back and forth from the three women, but always alluding to the fact that there is a connection between them all that has yet to be uncovered.


It’s sad, it’s dutiful, and it’s a testament to what we are willing to go through for the relationships that mean the most to us in our lives.

Definitely one of those reads that makes you ask yourself “What would you do?”


I LOVED this book. I give it 5/5 Cups! So Grab A-Cup-a-Joey and enjoy!! Grab a Copy here

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