In a Dark, Dark Wood

By Ruth Ware

After losing touch with her friends from highschool, Leonora Shaw, has been invited to a bachelorette weekend for her old bestie, Clare. Clares new bestie, Flo, is hosting the weekend and it's events. Flo is oddly devoted to Clare and goes to great lengths to make sure this weekend is "perfect".

3/5 cups from Joey


Leonora, now 26, lives alone, is a crime fiction writer, avid runner, single, and independent. She is reluctant to join the weekend but Flo and an old friend from school named Nina put the pressure on to accept the invite. She accepts, but more so because she is curious as to why, after all this time, and all thats happened, why she is is being invited to join.

Leonora, who used to go by "Lee" but now goes by "Nora" sets off for the bachelorette weekend. She drives out to the woods with Nina who is just a reluctant to go as Nora is. Once they turn off the road and drive the mile or so through the muddy, woody path to get to their location, they arrive. They are in awe of the massive glass house they pull up to with floor to ceiling windows for walls that put the forest on display,

or rather put them on display to the forest. It's an eerily beautiful setting.

All of the guests arrive and the crowd is mixed to say the least. There is Nina, the brazilian doctor who is fluent in sarcasm and truth. Tom, the flaboyant theater producer. Melanie, a recent new mother who has left her baby at home for the first time for this bachelorette weekend. Flo, the host and eager new best friend of Clare. Nora, the ex best friend of Clare who's trying to figure out why she's invited. And of course the guest of honor, Clare Cavendish, whom they all at one point or another have doted on.

With no reception and nowhere to run to, armed with only a shotgun loaded with blanks, the guests of this bachelorette weekend find themselves in an unnerving predicament.

What started off as an opportunity to rekindle old friendships, turns into a cluster of old rivalries and fear, leaving Nora bruised and broken in a hospital bed trying to piece together exactly what had occurred.

The story took place in England so it was written with English slang. I was challenged to understand some of the verbiage. I enjoyed the detail that the writer gives to the readers to make sure they get a clear picture. She evokes imagination and emotion through her writing in a way that is relateable for most. For me, the novel took a bit of a long route down a short street, but I suppose that's the point - to build. Another smart read by Ruth Ware who also Authored "The Woman in Cabin 10". I will be posting that overview soon.

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 In a Dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware Book Review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later.
 In a dark dark wood book review .Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later
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