For Better And Worse

By Margot Hunt  


It’s hard to imagine something horrible happening to one of your children.

Someone harming them in a way that could leave lasting effects emotionally and psychologically.

I think as Mothers we do this often and we hate that we do it, but we do it because we are constantly worrying about what could happen. We do it because we want to prepare them for anything and protect them from everything. We do it because it’s our nature to think of worst case scenario when it comes to our cubs.

It’s a survival instinct that although can give us nightmares, I am glad we have it.

I can’t speak for fathers but I can speak for my husband in saying he doesn’t necessarily think of worst case scenarios as often as I do. Visions of our child being hurt don’t flash through his imagination like they do mine.

I think as men, they are wired to handle something when it happens, rather than to prepare for it "just in case". Although this drives me nuts sometimes, it’s a balanced juxtaposition between the two of us.

This novel by a Margot Hunt puts you in the shoes of a mother, Natalie, and a father, Will, who will go to the edge of the earth for their son Charlie and for one another.But they weren’t fully prepared for what that might mean.

After learning about the principal at their school being involved in an inappropriate scandal with another student, they are shocked and awaiting for the details to unfold just like every other parent at the school. Both of them practice law so they aren’t quick to judge before learning all of the facts first.

Soon after the scandal starts to spread through their small town, Natalie decides to reiterate the conversation with her son about adults being inappropriate with children.

for better and worse

During this conversation she makes a gut wrenching discovery that prompts her to take justice into her own hands.

I wouldn’t say the book had me on edge, but it definitely had me in my head wondering what I would do if this scenario happened to my family. I wasn’t expecting the ending to play out as it had, but I am glad it was told this way. It prompts the reader to ask themselves, “What would you do?”

Or if you’re anything like the parents in this novel,

"How would you do it?”.

I give this read 4/5 cups. I enjoyed the writing style and characters. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the ending but it was slightly lacking for me. After reading the Epilogue I can see Hunt is leaving it open ended for a part two. I’ll keep my eye out for that.

Grab a cup-a-joey and enjoy! You can grab a copy here

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