Difficult Women

By Roxane Gay

Difficult Women, difficult to put down.

A beautifully written collection of short fictional stories. It’s title is a juxtaposition because not every woman in every story is difficult. Roxane Gay writes these stories with so much emotional depth you can’t help but to keep flicking through the haunting yet inviting pages. She pulls you in with curiosity and honesty, and keeps you there with gripping tales of these women and the people who have been so lucky to love or be loved by them.

These unforgettable stories will be embedded in your mind and heart for a long time to come. Roxane Gay manages to write terrifyingly real yet gracefully about sexual violence, the debris left behind by it. About bonds between sisters, solidified by surviving cruelty. About the balance of power or lack there of in marriage. About women choosing men who are bad for them as self inflicted punishment. About a mother’s limitless, and savage love for her children. About you, about me, about us.


difficult women book review

There is no single story that stands out more than another. Tales of sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, and lovers. Every woman will relate in one way or another. It is almost impossible not to. We’re women, built to feel, wired for an emotional connection. This book gave me so much satisfaction.  It allowed me to learn from women I don’t know, who’s stories resonate in the deepest parts of myself.

These stories will evoke your darkest demons and simultaneously heal your deepest wounds. That is the power of a woman, even the most difficult.

I would encourage every woman to pick this book up and read these heartfelt and realistic stories. And to the men out there,  I would encourage every single one of you to take a crack at it as well. We know all too well you are wired differently, but you are not made of stone, we won't tell if you decide to feel this work of art. Or maybe we will.

I give this 5/5 cups for its fearless truth telling and psychological depth. A gift from Roxane Gay to us.  Grab your copy here !

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