Behind Closed Doors

By B. A Paris

Ooooh this read was emotional. It's a disturbing story about a couple named Jack and Grace. Jack is a powerful man, and successful attorney whose clients are majorily domestic violence cases. Grace is a beautiful, doting and devoted housewife.

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris BOOK REVIEW. Click to Read and Enter to Win a FREE BOOK every month!

Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris BOOK REVIEW. Click to Read and Enter to Win a FREE BOOK every month!

5/5 cups from Joey. Emotional & Disturbing..


She does everything to perfection, including being a marvelous cook and throwing lavish dinner parties at their home. She's also the caretaker of her disabled sister, Millie. Jack and Grace's relationship is charming, loving, and envious.

I found it difficult to NOT fall in love with them.

After Grace and Jack wed there is something off about Jacks behavior towards Grace. She doesn't seem to go anywhere without him. He answers the questions her friends ask her, for her. She doesn't even use a cell phone to text. Although Grace doesn't seem object, she has a new friend that finds this odd.

Esther is first introduced to Jack and Grace at a dinner party and notices the exchange between the two of them. With her inclination of trouble a midst, she tries her best to ask Grace questions and try to make her acquaintance, away from Jack.

Jack has no intentions of letting Esther, or anyone for that matter, get any closer to closer to Grace. I was shocked and disturbed by the lengths that Jack went to in order to flex his power over Grace.

Grace made her attempts to get help, or flee, but Jack was always one, maybe even two steps, ahead of her.

I felt for Grace. I wanted to help her, fight for her, comfort her.

I spent the majority of this book frustrated and wanting to see justice served. Such a great read with a satisfying ending that I truly submerged myself into. I really loved how the book was written with one chapter being "Past" and the next "Present".

If you have read it I am curious what feelings it evoked in you?

If not, grab A Cup-A-Joey and enjoy this read by B.A. Paris!! Grab your copy here


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 Behind Closed Doors by A. B Paris Book Review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later.
  Behind closed doors book review. Click to read review and enter Free Monthly Giveaway or PIN for later.