Before I go to Sleep

S.J Watson

Imagine going to sleep every night knowing that when you wake up you won't remember your past, your present, who you are, or who you are laying next to. This is Christine's existence.

4/5 Cups from Joey


After a horrible accident that left her suffering amnesia, she now relys on a journal she keeps to remind her of who she is and who she's married to. Her husband Ben reminds her every morning of her name and shows her pictures of their wedding day.

She trusts this man. She really doesn't know any other option.

She is a 47 year old woman with no recollection of her life. He reminds her that she was struck by a vehicle on an icy day when she was 29, and the trauma turned her into an amnesiac. She has a secret though. She has been seeing a therapist named Dr. Nash everyday without Ben knowing. Dr. Nash gifted her with the journal and he calls her daily on a burner phone she keeps to remind her where she has hidden the journal.

One day she reads the words "DON'T TRUST BEN" written in the journal and becomes suspicious of the man she is sharing her home, her bed, and her body with.

Is he telling her the whole truth? Is he telling her ANY of the truth?

She can't recall. Using her journal she begins to piece together the truth about what her life has really been like. With the help of Dr. Nash and a long time friend named Claire that she was able to track down after a recollection, she discovers the spine-tingling truth about the man she is married to and a life full of experiences she has forgotten.

I don't want to spoil the ending although I have alluded enough to make assumptions. Let's just say it's a jaw dropper.

Grab a Cup-A-Joey and read this book! You won't be dissapointed.


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