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If I could sum this read up in one word it would surprisingly be, "relatable". Michelle Obama opens up like a flower in bloom in her memoir about her journey through childhood, academics, her career, marriage, motherhood, and politics. She does so in such a way that encourages the reader NOT to look a her like the fierce former FLOTUS that she is, but to look at her like the regular mother, wife, and woman that you may see in the mirror each day. She reminds you through each turn of the page, that she is no different from the rest of us.

That our goals are not too far fetched, our dreams aren’t out of reach, and most importantly that our circumstances, past or present, do not have to define who we are Becoming.

I took great comfort in reading this memoir, knowing that inspiration was just the icing on the cake of this gift of a book. I found so many similarities between her marriage to Barack and the thrust into the limelight and my own marriage to my husband. On a much lesser scale obviously, but still remarkably similar in our distaste for the difficulties that notoriety can bring. She spoke about how it takes time to build a lasting marriage. This provided me a sense of relief knowing that you find the person you are willing to work for, then you build on that. It’s not magic overnight and you don’t just fall into the perfect rhythm of marriage together. Yes, even the Obamas, a marriage I think we have all looked up to at one point or another, have to work at their marriage. But, if they can run an entire country together, then I’d say that teamwork is a strategy they’ve mastered. It reminded me to cut myself and my husband some slack. That we don’t have to have all the answers, we just have to have a willingness to figure things out, together, as a team. 

I met Michelle Obama after she spoke at the Oracle Arena in 2018 and her energy was warm and authentic. Her voice in "Becoming" is no different. She was personable and greeted me with a hug, which is my way of determining someone’s energy and coincidentally hers as well. We only had a brief few moments to speak, as you can imagine she is a very busy woman, but she was gracious and radiant during those few moments. I pondered far too long over what to say when given the chance to speak with her and all I could come up with was "Thank You". Whatever flowed after that would be organic, but "Thank You" felt like a necessity. So that’s what I did, I thanked her for setting the tone for African American women in every profession, for mothers just trying to do their best, and for women simply trying to juggle it all with grace while evolving into the next phase of who we are Becoming.

Michelle obama joey Livingston

She touches on the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration with honesty and respect, even when those values were not returned to her and her family. That strength in her character is inspiring, If you weren’t already in love with the Obama Family, you’ll definitely fall fast reading this book.

I’m not usually one to re-read a book after I’ve read it once, but this may be my first exception.

Just to make sure I’ve fully digested it. I kid you not, I wouldn’t read the last chapter for almost two weeks, because I wasn’t prepared for it to end, just like their time in office. The Obama’s will forever leave me wanting more of them.

I give this read 5/5 cups and encourage you all to grab a cup-a-Joey and prepare to be inspired for 2019 and beyond! Grab Your Copy Here


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