All the Missing Girls

by Megan Miranda

This was an interesting read for many reasons. Mainly because the book was written backwards. It started with a climax that made you feel like you knew what happened, but unfolded in a way that made you keep questioning.

4/5 cups from Joey


It’s a novel about a woman named Nicolette who has left her old life in Cooley Ridge, North Carolina to carry on a new one. She is now engaged to a wonderful man named Everett who wants nothing more than to be everything to her. Her father and brother are still in Cooley Ridge and she visits when she can, but now she is needed back home more than ever. Needed to help get her fathers house ready in order to sell. He is getting older and more senile since theirs mother’s passing and they have him in an assisted living facility. She heads back home and the rush of the past takes over.

Everything she ran from a decade ago comes spilling back like a box full of secrets, teetering in the edge of discovery.


A bit of history: 10 years ago she had a best friend named Corinne who was everything Nicolette was not. She was confident and matter-of-fact. Corinne had power over Nicolette, their group of friends, this town. She was both the dark and the light. And the people that knew Corinne best hated that they loved her so much. One day after the annual fair came to town Corinne went missing. It sent a chill through the town and after all of the searching, questioning, and investigating, nobody figured out what had happened to her. Although everyone had their theories.

But someone knows. In a town like this someone is always watching.

A decade later and Nic returns only to discover that a day or two after she returns ANOTHER girl goes missing.

Somehow it is all connected, as are most things in a small town like Cooley Ridge. And Nicolette finds herself smack dab in the middle, and forced to face all that she was running from 10 years ago.

I had to work a little harder for this one, which I could appreciate. With the book being writing backwards I had to read the chapter prior with intent to remember the smaller details because they mattered more in reverse. I really enjoyed this story and fell in love with the characters and the love they have for each other.

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 all the Missing Girls Book Review. Click to read review and enter the Free Monthly Book Giveaway or Pin it for later.