A Stranger in the House

by Shari Lapena

This murder/mystery starts off with a prologue fit for the big screen of a woman fleeing in the night from someone or something. She ends up getting into a car accident that leaves her with amnesia of the events prior.

3/5 cups from Joey

All that is known is there is a dead man in a vacant restaurant, a woman who fled the scene with no recollection as to why, a husband who is questioning the very woman he exchanged vows with, and heavy secrets soon to be revealed.

I enjoyed this read because it provided perspective from every character. There is the woman in question, Karen Krupp, the two homocide detectives Rasbach and Jennings, the "all too friendly" neighbor Brigid, and the seemingly square and blind-sided husband Tom Krupp.

It leads you into the murder investigiation with twists and turns that'll have you changing your suspicions of "who dun it" with every turn of the page.

I always have a favorite character in every book I read. This novel is no exception. Detective Rasbach! His character is carried over from "The Couple Next Door". He is complex, practical, and intelligent. His character seems to read people very well and his inclinations are usually spot on.

If you have read this book I would love to hear who your favorite character is and why?

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