African Library Book Drive



While keeping true to my local philanthropic efforts I have decided to expand A Cup-a-Joey’s presence on an international scale.

A Cup-a-Joey is partnering with The African Library Book Project to coordinate a book drive that will send 1,000 BOOKS to start a small library at a school or village in Lesotho, Africa! 

Why Africa you ask? Well, Africa has the highest rate of illiteracy in the world. Most of the Educators in Africa teach Math, Reading, English, and Writing without a ANY books to use as resources. I can’t imagine a world without books and these kids shouldn’t have to either. 

Books are the key to literacy and literacy is the #1 tool to getting out of poverty.


Our goal is to raise enough to purchase 1000 books and the shipping expenses!

or CLICK HERE to learn more about how to directly send us your lightly used or new books directly!

The future depends on our children. What we place in their minds will ultimately shape their and our world's destiny.

We have come together as a community before but we now have the opportunity to make a GLOBAL IMPACT! 

These are photos from actual libraries built from past drives. It is the ultimate honor for us to come together for such a great cause. I believe in the power of our community to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

We can raise our future leaders with books that foster their imagination and curiosity, books that create heroes for them to aspire to become, books that teach them villains exist but will always be overcome by the greater good and books that fill them with possibilities of what is possible when they decide they want to be their best selves.

I have full faith that all of us here at will give up our lattes or extra dessert for the chance to hand a teacher a book to teach with and a child a book to learn from.

Accessibility to books is the first way toward a better future for children anywhere, let’s help our international friends in creating a brighter tomorrow!!