Let’s Spread some Holiday Cheer!

Tyler Livingston

I am calling upon all of Santa’s helpers today!

Holiday season is truly here and as we all start that hustle and bustle to get our homes decorated, our minds ready for the family visits, and our ever growing Christmas lists...

I had to take this opportunity to ask you for a little time and resource but this time to GIVE BACK.

I am focusing my efforts on enriching the next generation in the Bay Area, trying to ensure every kid has access to literature if not some books of their very own. With the help of our community here at A-Cup-a-Joey, I am able to to donate hundreds of books to kids in the area. Because at the end of the day, it’s about what is accessible to them: a good book or a poor influence. I choose books.

For this Holiday season, we are supporting a non profit organization called Child Links, which focuses on strengthening and helping the families in the area- families who might need help with education, counseling, trauma...and even the most basic of all needs for your kids: diapers.

I don't want to bring it up I am going to have to put my Mama Joey hat on…

and say it:

 While most of us had a full Thanksgiving feast, will likely have a beautiful Christmas with gifts stacked ceiling high....some parents are wondering how they’re going to get diapers for their babies, let alone a meal or gifts at Christmas. The struggle is real.

And I would bet that we have been on that side of the fence at at least one point in our lives. So if you are reading this today and you find yourself with your grass greener than those struggling to buy diapers for their babies, then celebrate your blessings by sharing them. The amount is not important, the abundance is created from the energy from which it is given. Give it with love and it will reap love back.

All I am asking for is a donation that you can take care of right here right now, whatever donation, big or small.

ALL proceeds go to diapers and books for Child Care Links to distribute to families in need. It’s this EASY:

1) I created a GO FUND ME link where any and all donations go straight to the cause. Simply Click below.

2) Amazon registry- In case you have a bit more time, I have included a link to the amazon registry I have formed with a range of diapers in all sizes for the families in need, as well as bilingual and classic children’s books for their Diaper Pantry initiative. This way you’re able to select items that you see fit from a list I’ve put together so you know exactly where your donation is going. 

Either way, no gift or donation is too small!

And as my gift back to you, November and December’s free book winners will come straight from the those who donate, with a little extra loving on top as my personal Thank You! 

In case you didnt know, I host a monthly Free Book Giveaway. If you are not already on my mailing list, simply sign up below ! I’ll be choosing 2 winners out of those who donate to this cause.

I can't wait to see all of us come together for this seemingly small yet truly significant drive- let's bring that holiday cheer to a parent who needs a helping hand and a book for a child’s imagination to expand. 

This is for all the times we were down and out, let's celebrate our blessings this year by giving back.



One last thing, if you are reading this and you are the one who might need some help this holiday, I am sending you all the strength and light your way…because you WILL RISE ABOVE whatever is holding you down right now. Your time to celebrate is around the corner. Faith. We love you.

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