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Hello world! My name is Joanna Livingston. My friends call me Joey. I started this website with the intention to share my love for literature and my motherhood adventures. I began reading at a very tender age and as the story goes, life caught up with me and I wasn't able to pick up the books as frequently as I would've liked. With limitless possibilities I decided to start a blog to share not only my love for reading, but to also help build a platform for new writers to introduce their work. 

I am a mother, a wife, a creative, a devoted dog mom, and, God willing, a future novelist. My romance with literature has been rekindled after having my daughter  Tyler Marie.

Introducing books to her was always in our plans. I want her to understand that she can transform, develop understanding of human behavior, travel in time, fall in love, and feel victorious when she dives into a book. I hope to inspire her imagination since it is the very thing we as humans are going to rely on- the next generation to somehow sustain this world of consumption that we live in.

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With all of the technological advances, E-readers, and social media at our fingertips, I look forward to the smell and feel of the fresh pages of a new novel to remind me that there is nothing like being original. I want my daughter to grasp this concept and gravitate to literature. She’ll be able to navigate within the technology “day and age”, but I will teach her that reading is timeless. 


So whether you’re a mother or father just looking to relate to the endless tasks, and bottomless cups of coffee that is parenthood, or an indie writer in search of a set of eager eyes to read your work and connect, I am grateful you stopped by. 

I live, not to merely exist, but to create, transform, and inspire.


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